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HIRSCH Quick-Release System

* Deep, barrel dyed HIRSCH Genuine Matte Louisiana Alligator Watch Bracelet
* Coveted rectangular scales hand brushed to a silky matte sheen
* Silk glove leather lining
* Moderate padding
* Defined embossed line on bracelet and loops
* Fine matched backstitched seam
* Hand sewn bar seam along watch band buckle
* Hand sewn safety stitch on loose loop
* Rembordé Look Coupé Franc ( rembordé edge with hand lacquer edges )
* Fitted with HIRSCH Quick-Release System
* Gold plated stainless steel buckle in HIRSCH Tradition design

* LADIES REGULAR LENGTH in mm: (M) 110.5×69.5
* MIXED length in mm: 115×75
* MEN’S REGULAR LENGTH in mm: (L) 120×80
* MEN’S SHORT LENGTH in mm: (M) 110.5×69.5